“This was trip to the Mara was my best wildlife experience ever”

Barbara Hibben, USA.


“David is an excellent wildlife photographer with an infectious enthusiasm for his craft. His personal one-on-one training sessions with me lifted my own photography to a completely new level such that I’ve since felt comfortable to enter my images into competition. David’s approach is so personable that, whilst on the one hand he’s imparting his knowledge and expertise, on the other you feel that you’re on holiday with a mate…..and I believe that we did indeed become mates as a result of our shared experiences in Zambia.”

David Bailey, UK.

“The trip could not have been any better. First of all, David Rogers is an outstanding photographer and great teacher. The experience of travelling with him for a week was invaluable. With only three others on tour the amount of professional and personal time we got was amazing.”

Jeff Smith, USA

“Five years ago, almost to the day, I was busying myself with the latest preparations for a well-deserved holiday. To the usual excitement accompanying my African trips, this time I had to add the thrill of a photographic workshop, the first one Dave was leading in the South Luangwa. During the following week our small group spent every single minute of daylight -and a few hours into the dark, for good measure- happily shooting just about everything around: all creatures, great and small; sunsets and moon-lit landscapes; birds, insects & rocks…

We got up before sunrise, forgot to eat lunch and drove around in the heat so we could get to that perfect spot in time for the golden light; if there is a better type of holiday, I have not found it yet! Dave was always there, encouraging us to take another look, to try a new angle, to experiment with our camera settings; and, of course, to be critical with our work and to learn from each other’s approach.

Before the week came to an end, plans had already been laid for other workshops, many of which materialized over the following years and are now part of Dave’s portfolio: the two seasons of the Luangwa -at its driest and at its greenest- are a classic not to be missed; the chance to shoot a lunar rainbow over the Victoria Falls (something I still have to do!); following the great migrations in Kenya and Tanzania; the desert landscapes of Namibia; some of the greatest spots in South Africa… Best of all, of course, is the sheer enjoyment of being out in the bush with your camera and in the company of like-minded people. What am I still doing here? I am going to start packing again!”

Maria-Jose Carballo, Belgium

“Thank you David for your stunning interpretation of our Lodge. You have captured our spirit!”

Hugh & Leigh-Ann Morrison – Makakatana Bay Lodge

“My wife and I have just returned from David’s “Best of Botswana Workshop – Feb. 2011”. We both thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The accommodation, game viewing, other participants and the photographic aspects of the trip were all excellent. With out a doubt however, the best part of the trip was having David as our guide.

David puts 110% effort into providing his clients with the best possible experience! His photographic knowledge, skill and immense passion for photography coupled with his down to earth and approachable personality confirm your decision to chose to go to Africa with David. Our only problem is having to decide which one of David’s workshop to take next.”

John Kine, Canada