Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR Lens – review

I think that this lens is one of the most exciting things to happen for photographers for some time. Its light, its fast, its sharp and because its light its going to give me lots more shots.  Imagine crawling on the ground photographing elephants. With this lens you can shoot them at 400 mm […]

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Steenberg Photographic Club – September 2014

The Steenberg Photo Group was up to 21 (standing room only) this month. We had some visitors from as far afield as Fish Hoek :) It was lots of fun with plenty of new people to meet. I went as far afield as Namaqualand in quest of flowers and this month’s theme. Shirene went […]

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Zambia Predators



South Luangwa National Park and Lower Zambezi National Park
Photographic workshop with David Rogers
Timed for predator action especially lions and leopards
Exceptional carmine bee-eater opportunities

I often run photographic workshops to Zambia during the Emerald Season when the bush is lush and green, migrant birds have arrived, the skies are piled high with thick clouds and the […]

The great Cape flower safari

The cold fronts came in strong waves this year – and throughout the winter I have been dreaming of a road trip up the West Coast of South Africa into Namaqualand. Every spring this dryland, which is called the Succulent Karoo is covered with vygies, daisies and other flowering desert plants. It’s a botanical […]

Steenberg Photographic Club – August 2014

What a great evening.  Chris Fallows and his wife Monique were our guests and we were given a fantastic slide show and talk.
Chris Fallows has had a fascination with animals that goes back to his childhood and is regarded as world expert on shark behaviour. He has worked with David Attenborough on the Shallow […]

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