Canon’s excellent prosumer wildlife camera has impressed since being released three years ago with its excellent focus systems and high speed of shooting. Now its even better with RAW image bursts increased from 15 to 25 frames a second.

The second major advantage is manual audio level adjustment, saving videographers from the whims of automatic audio levels.

Additional enhanced features include:  faster scrolling of magnified images, quick control during playback, in-camera RAW image processing, JPEG image resizing and ratings, plus customization of file names and time zone settings and GPS compatibility.

A significant upgrade, Firmware Version 2.0.X raises the performance on one of the most popular Canon EOS DSLRs ever created.

The real flaw with the 7D camera remains its high levels of noise above 800 ISO and it will be interesting to see whether this has been improved. We would love to hear your feedback.

Should you wish to upgrade your 7D

You can either watch this video

Or follow these steps

Visit this link

  • Click “drivers and Software” and enter your operating system, then look for the sub heading firmware and you should see two updates.
  • You will see a select OS option, don’t worry about this in the firm ware update
  • Select the firmware link, which will ask you to accept the T&C’s.
  • This will give you a download file named : eos1237D.exe
  •  Download these to your computer & unzip. Once extracted it will be called 7d000123.fir, the file should be +/- 12 mb
  • Format your card in the camera and copy the firmware to the card from your computer.
  • Be sure to copy the file to the main area of the card and not within a subfolder. Once copied eject the memory card and insert into camera.
  • Go through the menu and get the ‘firmware’ option and run the firmware. This is the third last icon.
  • Click on ‘firmware version’, here it will ask if you want to update, scroll over to ‘OK’ and press set.
  • Press ‘OK’ and remove your battery for a few seconds.
  • Format the card in the camera and enjoy your new features

One of the most vital things to remember when doing this firmware upgrade is that you need to have your battery at least half full, as there will be a problem if your camera shuts down half way though the upgrade.

Good luck and happy shooting

By Nicky Silberbauer