Landscape photography with David Rogers


1.    Landscapes require planning. Think about drama — big seas, meandering rivers, flowering fields, snow capped mountains, cloud formations and full moons. All of them give depth to an image. A landscape might be drab at midday but if you return when the sun is in the correct position it could become fantastic. If […]

Do’s and don’ts of booking a photographic safari lodge

How to choose a great photographic Safari Lodge
Having spent upwards of 25 years as a photojournalist, lodge critic, photographic guide and tour operator specialising in Africa’s wild places, David Rogers has learned which lodges tick the right boxes for photographers – and those which do not. “It’s not so much about the brass taps […]

Make in a Cape Town weekend with Wildshots and David Rogers

Wild Shots – 15 November
This years Wild Shots Event will be held in Cape Town on 15 November 2015. Wild Shots brings together mostly South African photographers for a one-day seminar and those who have attended in the past tell me its great fun and very interesting.  The line up for the event is […]

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The Camranger is a handy wireless transmitter device that allows you to shoot wirelessly from your smartphone or ipad to your digital SLR. I bought it at a at the Johannesburg Photo Expo where it was being sold for about R2800 as a special price.  The chance to test it came on a recent […]

Setting up your camera

10 things about setting up your camera for best workflow
1. Make sure that your image sequence is set to continuous. You do not want it restarting with every shoot and giving you duplicated names.It is a good idea to give each camera a unique prefix eg. Nikon D800_sequence.

2. Synchronise the times and dates on […]

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