What to wear on safari

My top tip for what to pack safari travelling gear are as follows
1. Pack quick-dry light weight fabrics.

2. Long sleeves and long pants are best for all round wear.

3. Take a wide-brimmed hat — it must be able to pack flat in your bag.

4. Shoes that cover your feet properly are best to keep […]

Camera supports for long lenses

Keeping large fast lenses such as the Nikon 400 mm 2,8  (it weighs upwards of 4 kilograms) steady on game drives provides a significant challenge for photographers. If you are shooting with big glass, my advice is to get some good support. Not only could it save the sharpness of your image but it […]

Sigma 120 – 300 f2,8 on test

Finding the right zoom lens for wildlife photography is not easy or cheap. Sigma has been making some really great lenses that fit Canon and Nikon mounts that are often up to 50% less in price and the quality is excellent. I was particularly tempted by this  variable 2,8 zoom lens that has been […]

M9 — for my eyes only

I was recently given an M9 to play with. If you don’t know this camera it’s a Leica rangefinder camera that is modeled on the analogue M series. It’s a spectacular camera – small and compact – which produces simply stunning results. Hand built in Germany with the latest digital technology, it offers a […]