Liuwa Plains National Park

Location and access

Liuwa is situated in a remote section of Western Zambia. Few people have ventured into the Liuwa Plains due to its relative inaccessibility. However the prolific birdlife, vast open grasslands and wildebeest migration make it one of Africa’s last true wildernesses and a huge attraction to the bush fundi. There are around 30-40 thousand blue wildebeest that migrate from Angola in the area. They are often scattered or in groups in the hundreds distributed across the plains and woodland, often mingling with zebra and tsessebe.

How to get there

Liuwa is a 90-minute charter flight from Lusaka. Limited access to the park makes this an expensive destination to visit.

Best time to visit

In May or June at the end of rains, but there is plenty of water remaining in the depressions providing water for all the inhabitants. Also in November and December when there are impressive cloud build ups and the migration is most evident.

Species you will see

Liuwa is home to many antelope species that are rare in other locations such as roan, red lechwe, steinbuck, oribi and duiker. Wild dog, cheetah, large numbers of hyena and lion (including Lady Liuwa who was the subject of a documentary on the park) occur. Africa Parks has recently re-introduced eland and buffalo and their numbers are expected to increase. The area is famous for its abundant birdlife as a mix of plains and woodland allow a larger diversity of species. More unusual species include pink throated longclaw, sooty chat, black winged pratincoles and wattled cranes.

Add ons

South Luangwa National Park, Lower Zambezi, Victoria Falls and Kafue work well with this itinerary depending upon the time of your visit.