Travel Seasons

Its hard to believe that these two pictures are taken of the same destination. The image on the left shows the Luangwa in the dry season when hippos are forced to converge in the shallows. On the right is a lagoon on the same river during the rainy Emerald season.


Many of David Rogers Photography Expeditions are planned for the summer months (December to March). The parks are generally much less crowded and it is when the animals are at their healthiest and most active. It is also the season for rutting, mating and carving. Flowers, insects and migrant birds are abundant making for plenty of colourful subjects. Animals tend to disperse somewhat at this time but they also tend to be much more relaxed.

Rainfall is usually limited to an hour or two in the afternoons and game drives are rarely affected. The clouds, which act like a natural diffuser mean that you can often stay out all day and keep on shooting in quite even light. The landscapes and sunsets are also outstanding.

June to October is peak season for travelers because it is the easiest time to see game. During winter there is no rain so the bush is much thinner, animals are also forced to converge on water holes and rivers and predator action is common. Often big herds of elephants and buffalo come together at this time of year making for great viewing. The horizon in many parts of Africa becomes quite choked with dust creating great atmosphere and stunning sunsets where the sun appears as a golden ball. It becomes increasingly hot towards October so animals and people look forward to when the rain falls again in November.

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