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Join us on a photographic workshop in Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, or South Africa and travel together with like-minded nature photographers. Or if you prefer, let us tailor make your ultimate photographic safari. We have done the footwork – now it’s time for your photographic journey.

Join a workshop with like-minded photographers

Photographic workshops are led by David and other hand-picked photographic guides we have identified as excellent in their craft and their people skills. David has sourced lodges, vehicles, guides, and hides that facilitate workshops and ensure first-rate wildlife viewing opportunities.

The best time to go on safari

Whether you want to photograph big tuskers, baby animals, spring flowers, the great migration, or desert scenes, we can help you design a great photo travel itinerary — guided or not. Over the past 30 years David has got to know the best African safari regions, camps, photographic hides, and times of year to help you be in the right place at the right time.


Safaris for photographers

We can arrange great hides, boat trips, helicopter flips and private vehicles and specialist guides so you can enjoy a unique experience. We can also ensure that there is no single supplement and that no one gets a middle seat, or for ardent photographers, a private vehicle and guide.

It’s all about the guide

We work with guides that we know have been trained in photography and vehicle positioning, some even by us. Our goal is to offer a warm and friendly hosting style allowing you to develop your photography and enjoy your experience at your own pace.


What to expect on a photographic workshop

Groups of 4 – 5 people with different skill levels. Typically a week long, using one to two lodges. Mostly tuition in the field, time spent in hides and some processing work. Or, if you prefer one-on-one, we can also arrange a private photographic trip.

What our guests have said

Our workshop with David was incredible – we worked hard, we laughed hard, we grew as photographers and loved every minute of South Luangwa.

June Shaw

This was, photographically, by far, the best trip we had in Africa. It was a great pleasure to be with David. That’s why, after coming back, we immediately searched the David Rogers Travel website for new trips.

Silvia and Joao Ribeiro

I keep telling my family and friends that this was my best trip ever and it really was. Thank you so much for putting it all together and of course all your expert advice. I do feel that much more confident with my photography, able to enjoy the whole experience to the full. I love the bush, that Mopani Forest made my heart feel like bursting.

Wendy Vickery


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