13 of Africa’s most amazing photographic events

From hordes of pink flamingos in the Great Rift Valley, to the iconic great migration in the Masai Mara and the dazzling display of spring flowers in South Africa, discover some of Africa’s truly unmissable events for your next holiday. 

Spring flowers of Namaqualand

In late August each year, if the winter rains have been good, the dry western deserts of South Africa are covered by fields of unimaginable flowers. Exploring the area from the mountains to the sea can give you insights to the amazing diversity of Flora in this global biodiversity hotspot.

Arrival of floods in Okavango

It takes some months for the waters of Angola to reach the dry waterways of the largest inland delta in the world. When it floods it starts a chain of life for birds, insects, elephants, buffalo and lions.

Carmine bee-eaters in Luangwa

During the dry months from August to November when the mighty rivers such as the Zambezi and Luangwa start at dry up, thousands of southern carmine bee-eaters build their nests along the exposed banks of various rivers in Southern Africa creating an amazing sight for photographers.

Brunsvigias of Niewoudtville

In late March, usually exactly 21 days after the first winter rains, the granite koppies of the town of Niewoudtville are transformed by the blooming of thousands of Brunsvigia bosminae flowers. It’s an amazing sight and witnessed by very few people.

Full moon over Victoria Falls

Time your visit for full moon during the months of April and May when the river volumes are high and skies are clear and photograph the amazing Lunar Rainbow over Victoria Falls.

Zambia, view of the Eastern Cataract of Victoria Falls, taken at night showing rainbow created by the moon, or Moonbow, during high water, at full moon, in June 2009 © David Rogers
Dark skies and stars

Some of the darkest skies in the world are found in South Africa and particularly in the wide-open spaces such as Namibia, the Kalahari and the Great Karoo. During the winter months from July to October the Milky Way is fairly low in the sky and it’s possible to photographic the dramatic galactic centre.

Leopards of Luangwa

During the dry season, in October, it’s not uncommon to see four or five leopards on a single drive in this wonderful national park in Zambia. With its amazingly fertile soils, large concentrations of game, this park is regarded as having one of the highest concentrations of leopards in the world.

Elephants of Mana Pools

From September to November at the height of the dry season when the grass is gone and trees are bare, the winter thorn serves up its nutritious fruits and draws elephants to the flood plains of the Zambezi River in large numbers. It’s an amazing experience photographing these elephants, a few of which often get up onto their hind legs, in the sharp light.

elephants of mana
Wild dog denning season

Unlike leopards and lions, which can give birth at any times, wild dogs are quite predictable parents and have a denning season. They wait for the winter months from June to August. In a few select reserves with fewer guests, naturalists will work hard to find the site and take guests in to see the amazing spectacle.

Flamingos of the Great Lakes

The soda lakes of the Great Rift Valley provide breeding grounds and refuge for millions of flamingos. Flying over the pink blanket of birds by helicopter is an amazing photographic spectacle. It’s usually at its best during the dryer months.

River crossings in the Mara

Seeing tens of thousands of wildebeest and zebra fording the crocodile infested Mara River is something to be seen and photographed. It usually takes place from August to October, but it all depends upon the rainfall.

Tuskers of Tanzania

During the dry season from late June to October, there is a great chance of seeing elephants, including some of the largest tuskers in the world, beneath Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa.

Great migration in Tanzania

From February to April, the migration attention moves en masse to the short grass plains of Tanzania where the grass is most nutritious. Here, the wildebeest give birth to their young and the cheetah and other predators line up for the action.

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